Celebrating one year of career transition


More than a month ago, congratulations poured in from LinkedIn and the multiple work group chats. I made it through my first year!

This milestone felt much more special than my first job, where many years of education training has prepared and qualified me for the role. Nothing prepared me for this — office politics, unlearning habits acquired from a toxic manager, and even technical skills.

In the midst of adapting to a new career and ramping up my technical skills, the pandemic hit. 80 hours work week came to a halt and I was left to my own device…

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Banks loan money to companies in exchange for the promise of repayment. Some will default on the loans, being unable to repay them for some reason. The bank maintains insurance to reduce their risk of loss in the event of default. The insured amount may cover all or just some part of the loan amount.

For this assignment, the bank wants to predict which companies will default on their loans based on their financial information. Dataset provided consists of loan related information such as loan amount, term, and state. …

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Travellers come in many shapes and forms. With the internet, travelling is no longer limited to the businessman or the privileged. Thus, competition for consumers increases.

Expedia, an online booking platform, that has 600 million users on its site monthly and accommodations in more than 200 countries. To retain customers and merchants, Expedia looked at consumer behaviour and came out with a data strategy — personalization. Personalization has become one of the key strategies for two reasons: an average user will visit the site 4–9 times before booking and make a reservation from the first page of the search. …

Sentiment Analysis and Topic Modelling

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Recent years have seen the rise of smart home and the growth of smart home technology — a system that anticipates user, responds and automate control of home amenities.

Big tech companies such as Amazon and Google have heavily invested in this promising market, each developing and launching their line of products. Spoilt for choices, where do consumers start? Typically by reading reviews from other users to decide which device to invest in.

In this project, we will specifically look at the reviews on three Amazon Echo, namely the Echo Plus, Echo and Echo Dot, using natural language processing (NLP)…

Air travel in recent years has become a commonplace mode of transportation rather than a luxury. Increased air passengers generally led to increased competition among airlines — discounted flights, better routes, value-added services. Moreover, rail companies are making huge efforts to improve interstate trains, increasing the competition for consumers.

One service factor that many consumers consider when deciding the airline to fly with is flight delays. While delays due to natural factors and airport security can’t be prevented, airlines can improve delays due to technical issues. In the past year, almost 1 out of 3 flights were delayed!

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Since learning about the art of web scraping, I had looked forward to getting my hands dirty. It was not as easy as I thought, although looking at HTML codes brought me back to the days where I spent hours personalizing my Blogspot page. This time around, I took the time to learn the basics of HTML and used my new knowledge to scrape the CrossFit Opens Leadership Board.

Every year, the finest athletes compete in the Crossfit Games to win the title of “Fittest on Earth”. To kickstart this competition, the CrossFit community (or cult) participates in the Crossfit…

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Week one at Metis data science bootcamp has came to completion. My career in the lab in the week preceding felt like it was years ago. We dove head into Project Benson (Metis named all its projects after TV detectives) on the first day using the very first skill we were acquired: Exploratory Data Analysis.

Drawing up graphs was my favorite job scope in my previous role as a biomedical researcher, getting into the nitty-gritty of producing graphs that tells a story. This also initiated my journey to be a data scientist. I begin looking into different statistical methods that…

Kelsey Heng

Neuroscience researcher turned analytics consultant. Huge love for data storytelling, turning numbers into fun facts!

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